RM57L843 Microcontroller development kit.
RM57L843 Microcontroller. Image credit: Kompulsa.

Increasing productivity in a business is very important for finances and for its growth because, if a business stagnates in this field, then demotivation will set in, resulting in decline. It is a basic need of humans to outgrow themselves, as Maslow showed in his pyramid of needs, and it also applies for businesses.

Especially manufacturers have to keep up with higher market requests as they become known for their product/s in their area of expertise. Besides being able to follow a plan and a strategy for growth, productivity also refers to updating from a technological point of view.

This is also important for decreasing the amount of time spent in physically executing works and constructions, because it takes away more of the human intervention when the business does a serial production.

Technology takes your business in the 21st century and helps it maximize production and financial growth. There are 2 ways a company can be technically updated: software and hardware. Both of them work together to help you keep track of everything that happens on the inside when you cannot be everywhere at a time and increase productivity in every aspect.

On one hand, with software you can follow the schedule, keep in touch with the customers, work on your financial issues, keep the accounting and see how every machine works as they are linked to the central system. On the other hand, hardware and machinery help with the actual production and everything going smoothly to the contentment of your clients.

Meanwhile you can do important field work and see the statistics about what works and doesn’t work back at the firm. The employees also have benefits that come from upgrading their work place because they keep their interest as they have to learn new information on how to operate the newly added technology.

Hardware and machinery

First of all, you have to make sure that you are making the right investments, otherwise the money you spent on a machine that you cannot use will be lost. There is the possibility of returning or reselling it, but that takes a lot of time that you could have used to do something more productive either for yourself or for your company.

Choosing and integrating technology and machines will help in speeding up the production. Automating will help you keep up with the competitors and also decrease your costs, because the number of products your business will make will be higher.

For example, you can use an industrial robot arm, if you have a company that produces furniture, because it will speed up the process and quality of your products. Doing it by hand or with an outdated equipment may not be so accurate than using robots.

They are programmable and more efficient than anything else and besides it is a necessity in today’s world. You might think that the machines are not as precise as manual labour, but there are robots that are very flexible and have many options, so you won’t have to cut out details.

At first, buying high-tech equipment may seem a little expensive, but in the long run you will be able to get back the money you invested, because you only have to do it once and even some maintenance on the way, which is anyway better than none.

The manufacturing part of your company relies actually on a combination of well-trained and motivated employees and professional equipment. If you have ‘high-tech’ implementations such as using robots for automation, you also need people who are familiar with that. Moreover, it makes employees’ work easier because they won’t have to be as physically involved, and they won’t have to work with heavy materials as much as they used to.

Outsource software

Having another company provide and work on your software can be really helpful in saving a lot of time and other financial of non-financial resources for the productivity of your business.

Otherwise you would have to hire one or more personnel to manage it, which is not so convenient because you don’t need software being made and maintained all the time, but only once in a while (for example, every 3 months). The benefits in having outsourced software are enormous and the most important one is that you can rely on high quality from real professionals.

Monitoring every aspect is an important part in running a business because it is the wheel that spins everything. On one part there is monitoring the production and results of the business, on the other there is monitoring the employees and their work.

These 2 contribute to overall results and the possibility for the working people to advance in hierarchy which will motivate them to do an even better job. You can have a software to help you keep an inventory in real time by scanning the products that go in or out of your storage deposit.

Then you can analyse performance in your machinery and employees and find a better strategy if necessary. Setting goals and even making it fun by creating small contests for the people who work for you can be some of the solutions in increasing productivity and develop your business.

There is also software that can keep your teams connected throughout the working day without having to put too much effort or personal resources. This way they will not have to struggle with miscommunication or a job done twice because they didn’t know if someone else did it before them.

Beside these inside solutions, there can be some for the communication with the “outside”. Having e-commerce apps may increase the sales by a considerable percentage because people buy more and more on the internet these days. There are also apps that provide customer service in real time which you can use to get feed-back from your clients easier.