Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera.
Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital camera. Image obtained with thanks from Canon.

Are you the type of person who is one of the first one to get his hands on the latest gadget in the market, do you like to be the one who says I own all the latest gadgets and show them off to your friends then this fantastic list of gadgets and gizmos has all what you should own.

In this era of advancement, technology has evolved many folds and it will only continue to be smarter in the future. In such a situation, how can one survive without owning a few of the most handy and latest gadgets to either play with them or make our day-to-day lives easier? We have compiled this list for people like you. Take a look and indulge!


There is whole lot of variety available when it comes to digital cameras but canon is the only one with raving reviews and endless praise for its end results. If your guy is into photography then Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the right gadget to gift him. It records 4K video and clicks countless pictures to make your moments memorable as well as unforgettable.


Do you travel very often? Are you always skeptical about the weight of your luggage? Not anymore. This digital highly portable scale will make your life easier as well as hassle free. Every time you are done packing, weight your bags with the help of this scale which shows the weight on a digital LCD fixed on its face. It is light weight and is made of durable stainless steel material which makes excess baggage fee nonexistent.


Men and watches go hand-in-hand. Watches are one thing men splurge over without giving it a second thought. They tend to create a complete wardrobe out of watches. There is an entire lot of casual, sporty, and black tie watches, the ones for work only and what not. Rolex sea dweller is one such watch every man should possess.


It is certainly made for the people who are always on the go and need to get their mobile devices charged every now and then. The size it comes in is very compact and is portable. It is efficient enough to charge the devices sooner than any of the other portable chargers.


Lately, these huge wireless headphones have been quite trendy. It is highly suitable for moments when you need to concentrate and require some peace around you. They are the best ones in the market when it is about noise cancellation and connects with the mobile devices without a hassle.


Men cannot do without this, no matter what, unless you are growing a beard for life. Get a pro in the form of a cordless rechargeable shaver which gives you a clean and dapper look within seconds. It is efficient and comes with a charging station.