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Farm equipment is a huge investment that needs to be cared for properly. It may turn out that a tractor has a reasonable price but repairing it may cost a fortune. Therefore, no owner would let his agricultural machinery get dirty or collect rust.

Here one needs to understand that maintenance is not repairing a machine after it stops working. Instead, it is keeping the machine in a good condition so that it could perform its functions effectively. So, it is better to prevent breakdowns rather than to spend all your savings on repairs.

In any case, it is essential to know the mechanism of your machine. For instance, if you’re an owner of a New Holland Combine Harvester, you may need new holland manuals in order to understand how different functions work and how to use them. Especially when you repair your equipment by yourself, you’d better be sure you have proper skills and knowledge because your mistakes may be more expensive than employing a reputable mechanic.

Why Does Maintenance Matter

Surely, failures of some components are inevitable. At the same time, maintenance of your agricultural machinery has a range of indisputable benefits:

  • it saves your time, nerves and money;
  • increases the life of equipment;
  • reduces the number of shutdowns.

It may seem that preserving your machine in a satisfactory condition is drudgery but in fact, it takes only fifteen minutes a day. Before you start using it, check sump, engine, tires, horn etc. Then keep it free from mud and re-check equipment calibration. However, do not allow water to get in bearings and lube compartments. Also, do not forget to keep oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and antifreeze filled.

Moreover, for maximum performance, it is important to use only machines produced by reliable agricultural manufacturers that can provide proper after-sales service and repair at the highest possible level. By the way, consider the availability of the manufacturer’s service center in your city. Efficient and timely repair of your equipment will significantly prolong its life, help to avoid long downtime and increase profits.

Potential Threats

As far as farming implements are used for hard surfaces there is a number of factors that can cause damage to your tools:

  • Dirt (pay attention to filters);
  • Wear (use grease and oil to prevent it);
  • Corrosion (do not forget to replace old details).

Anyway, good working condition of your agricultural machinery is in your hands. Maintenance practices are essential for the efficient operation of all types of farm equipment. Effort spent in this area of farm management is more than repaid by consistent, reliable operation of machinery, reduced fuel bills and extended equipment life.