Washer label with electrical ratings
A washer label with electrical ratings and energy usage on it.

A constant worry for any homeowner is how much money they are spending on their energy bills as it’s one fact of owning a home that you can’t escape; ever increasing energy bills. However, there are ways that you can reduce your usage and subsequently cut costs. Sometimes they are not second nature so take some time to get used to, but it will be worth it in the end when you see the savings you make.

Use Less

It sounds obvious but if you try to cut down how much energy you use, then you could save hundreds of dollars every year.

If you make a conscious effort to switch off appliances at the plug when you are finished with them instead of leaving them on standby, then you can save around $50 a year. The same also applies for phone chargers in that if you unplug them when not in use, you will also save energy.

Turn the Light Off

As any parent will know, children love to leave lights on, even in the middle of a sunny day! Turning lights off can save approximately $20 a year, so start bribing the kids with sweets if they turn the lights off.

Use the Clothes Line

As convenient and tempting as crease-free clothes are when coming out of a dryer, try to use your washing line to dry washing instead of using a tumble dryer. Also, make sure you fill your washing machine before you turn it on.

Turn it Down

To save money on your heating bills, turn down the thermostat! By reducing your thermostat by just one degree could save in excess of $60 a year, so start using extra blankets instead of turning it up!

Watch for Draughts

Draughts and holes are always going to cost money as the amount of energy wasted are untrue when the heat escapes from these holes. Buy a drought excluder and look to draught-proof your house in the summer months, so you feel the benefit in the colder winter months.

Look for Help

If you find yourself really in debt on your energy bills, there are a number of ways that you can resolve this. Firstly speak to the energy company that supplies your gas and electricity and explain to them your money problems. Some companies will give you some leeway on your bills or help you spread the payments over a period of time.

If not you could look for companies offering payday loans online, which would mean you could borrow the money from them for a short time until you get back on your feet. You then repay the loan after a few weeks.

Many people struggle with energy bills, especially the elderly, but instead of facing winter months cold and miserable, look to doing the improvements listed as even small changes will make a big difference over the course of a year. Remember you don’t have to struggle either if you do find yourself in financial turmoil as there are people that can help you.