Car speedometer
Mitsubishi speedometer. Image credit: Nicholas Brown/Kompulsa.

Each day, people are becoming more and more reliant upon smartphones. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it is definitely a tale of how much the times have changed. Not too long ago, if you wanted to go on road trips, you needed to be able to read one of those prehistoric things called a map.

Today, we have Google Maps, and this particular map will not only show you how to get from your starting point to your ending point, but it will also give you turn-by-turn navigation on how to get there… it will even reroute you if you make the wrong turn or need to take a different route due to traffic!

In addition to there being an app for everything, there’s also an app for safe driving… who would’ve thought? It’s actually not too far-fetched of an idea because there are already various road trip apps that you don’t want to travel without… these apps also give you turn-by-turn navigation, travel music, and even radar that lets you know when to slow down because police are nearby. It’s pretty common to embark on road trips with these handy apps on board.

Now, all of those apps are fun and helpful apps to have while driving anywhere but one of the biggest apps that don’t get as much recognition as it deserves is safe driving apps. Lots of drivers won’t download these apps because they’re already safe drivers… so they think.

You may actually be a good driver but the part that people neglect to realize is that although you may be a good driver, you’re driving on the road with other drivers who aren’t very good drivers. So you not only need to be aware of your own driving skills but you need to be aware of other people’s driving skills as well.

Do you know what one of the top causes of car accidents are? According to, distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of car accidents in the US. More than 2 million people are involved in car accidents in the US and out of those 2 million or so people, 1.6 million of those accidents have a cell phone involved.

As an Added Caution

These apps are just resources to help you become a safer driver, they won’t actually stop you from getting into an accident. Anytime you set foot into a vehicle, whether you’re the passenger or the driver, your likelihood of being involved in a car accident increases. Because of those increased chances, it’s very important that you keep you and your teen safe by having proper car insurance as well as being prepared in the event of an accident.

Driver Safety Apps

Because of such alarming distracted driving statistics, mobile app developers have created various apps that have abilities to not only track and analyze your driving behaviors but it can also give you a detailed report on your bad driving habits. This will allow you to see what you’re doing wrong and what you can do to prevent your likelihood of getting involved in an accident. Take a look at some of today’s top driver safety apps to help keep you safe on the roads.


SafeDrive is a driving app that actually makes safe driving fun. This particular app turns driving into a game. It even rewards you for not using your phone while you drive. To use the app, all you do is hit “play now” before you actually start driving. You’ll get points for the amount of time you spend driving and not using your phone. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you hit the button to end your trip and rack up your safe driving points!

The fun really begins when you invite your friends to drive safely using the app. You can compete against your friends and the person who has accumulated the most safe driving points will get a percentage of their friends’ points on top of their own. You can spend your points on various discounted products.


Canary is more of a safe driving feature for parents of teen drivers. Teen drivers are the biggest culprits of distracted driving. The way Canary works is that it monitors how often your teen unlocks their phone while driving. It also has some cool added features as well like:

These added features truly give way to why the app has its name. If your teen crosses any line or makes any type of driving mistake, this app will “sing like a canary” to the parents of that teen!


DriveMode is an app that allows you to safely navigate through your phone while still being able to keep your eyes on the road. It’s a hub that keeps your most-used apps (music, navigations, messages, etc.) all in one place with overlays so that you can see everything at the same time.

It even has a swiping system so that you won’t even need to look at your phone. In addition to that, in most states, it’s required by law that all drivers have a phone mount in their cars so that they can have hands-free driving. Getting caught holding your phone can lead to hefty fines.