Computer monitor

The definition of “the office” is changing. Self-employment is becoming more popular, which means that much of the population spends its time working in coffee shops or at home. Some may not even be self-employed, but simply in a contracted position that allows them to work wherever they wish. While this is appealing to many, it can take some time to readjust if you’re used to working in a more traditional setting.

Here are the top 3 gadgets you need to make your home office feel like the real thing.

1 . Noise Canceling Headphones

While you might expect that working from home as opposed to an office can be fairly isolating, it’s likely that you don’t live alone. Whether you’re still with your family or you live with several roommates, things can get pretty noisy, and nobody wants to listen to arguments about food bills when they’re trying to focus on their work.

The point is, distractions and work never go hand in hand, and distractions are everywhere when you work from home. Keeping them to a minimum is paramount if you’re actually going to be productive, and noise cancelling headphones are a fantastic way to achieve this. Put them on, turn your music up, and you could be anywhere in the world.

2 . Portable Monitors

Working from home can look very different for each individual. You might be a writer, a graphic designer, or an administrator. Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s likely that you need a computer. As incredible as our keyboard-equipped devices can be, they can also be a little limiting. Whether you’re trying to balance your own design with a reference image, or watch a bit of Netflix while typing away, conventional monitors can be just a little too cramped.

Thankfully, the invention of portable monitors brings a whole new dimension to the way you work. Just as their name suggests, portable monitors are additional screens you can attach to your current device or use free-hand as a helpful addition. Many allow you to seamlessly drag tabs from one screen to the next. They even come in touch-screen formats, which brings us one step closer to feeling like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Why have just one screen when you can have two, or three?

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3 . An HD Webcam

Last on our list is the ever reliable HD webcam. This might not be something that immediately springs to mind when considering working from home, as part of the appeal might be the lack of human interaction involved, but many positions from home do require a webcam at least part of the time.

Beyond networking opportunities, webcams also open you up to entire avenues of income, such as online tutoring. A lot of self-employment requires balancing multiple streams of work, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to any of them. Even if you’re contractually employed, the boss might want to check-in now and again, and putting your best foot forward with a HD webcam is never a bad idea.

Bottom Line

These are just a few ways you can make your at-home work setup more convenient and enjoyable. Don’t forget a comfy office chair and even some nice external speakers for breaks or ambient music. Also remember to be flexible: you won’t be in an environment that’s built for working, so you’ll have to adapt it to your needs. You might not have all the tools right away to invest in the home-office of your dreams, but in time you’ll get there with savings!