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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be beneficial for businesses, as new technology is having a positive impact on efficiency, customer service and marketing. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, smarter software could be the key to success.

With a few simple implementations, your business processes can be more streamlined and your goals can be achieved. Here are just a few ways AI can enhance your brand.

Call Centre Software

The way you communicate with customers can make a significant difference in the performance of your business. Advanced call center software will change the way you respond to queries and follow up with potential customers.

You can streamline communication across a range of different platforms without sacrificing consistency and quality. An intelligent call center software solution can support inbound and outbound calls, plus SMS, social media, mobile and email. You can build stronger relationships and gain brand loyalty while learning about the behaviors of your target audience. Self-service features will give users the information they need, when they need it, without having to wait for a response.

Chatbots for eCommerce Websites

When you install a chatbot on your eCommerce website it will be like having a virtual sales assistant, without having to rely on a real person. These AI tools can be trained to answer common questions and advanced versions can even learn as they interact.

The internet doesn’t sleep, so having a chatbot can be a convenient and cost-effective way to assist any late-night shoppers. For example, it could answer questions about shoe size conversions, color ranges or out-of-stock items.

Automated Emails

If you have an e-mail newsletter list, you will know how hard it can be to send messages that are targeted and effective. When you set up automated emails, both new and existing customers can receive the most relevant information. Intelligent software can automatically flag any activity from logged on users and send them a quick email.

For example, if a shopper has abandoned their cart they may receive an email asking “have you forgotten something?” Alternatively, they may not have visited for a while and an incentive such as 20 percent off could encourage them to come back. This automated marketing feels personalized, and this means it is more likely to be acted on.

Reporting Tools

It can be difficult to know just how well your business is performing without accurate data. There are AI tools available and often they will be included in a suite. There is a solution for every business type. Data, sales, staff performance and reports that used to be read manually can now be compiled and collated by a software program.

Some tools will be able to offer you suggestions for improvement, and this can help your business grow. You can choose how you view this data, and with more insight into your company processes, you can flag any areas for improvement.

Smarter Technology to Support Your Business

AI is not just a buzz word, as smarter technology is helping businesses all over the world. You may like to upgrade your systems with a centralized call center software solution, chatbots, reporting tools and automated emails.

The key is to find the right products to complement your business, so you can focus on the tasks you enjoy the most.