An Android smartphone.
An Android phone. Image obtained with thanks from Alok Sharma.

Wondering how to stray away from traditional print and billboard advertisements?

Getting your company’s name out into the world can be difficult, especially if you have been a business owner for a while. Finding new, innovative ways to advertise can be challenging.

Here are four ways to advertise your business using technology.

1) LED Display Panels

Even with the popularity of online-based businesses on the rise, many companies still have some brick-and-mortar establishments.

LED display panels like the ones at LedLightbox will brightly light up any message you want to get across. They will help your brand’s name stick with potential and current customers alike.

Use one of these boards to advertise new items or sales that you currently have going on. You can also use an LED light panel for:

  • Interior design
  • An artistic display
  • A backlight source for a wall or ceiling display

Not only do these panels look mesmerizing, but they also produce a high ROI. One study from the University of Cincinnati reported that LED display panels would pay for themselves in as little as three months.

2) Messenger Apps

Messenger apps have changed how users communicate with one another, but they have also altered how they live their lives. Whether consciously or not, users use messenger apps to make consumer decisions, both big and small.

Some of the most popular messenger apps among marketers include:

  • WhatsApp: This has immense popularity globally, but is not as popular in the U.S. It is often used by small businesses to chat with customers about products they need without additional equipment (except a phone), and provide customers with updates.
  • Facebook Messenger: Very popular in the U.S. due to the size of Facebook, and has support for interactive bots to help users/prospective customers.
  • Snapchat: A highly popular platform among younger Internet users.
  • Twitter: This platform is very popular, and is a great way to interact with users around the world due to its culture.
  • WeChat: Immensely popular in Asia.

All of these apps have cleverly ingrained marketing techniques within their messaging experiences. For example, GIFs and stickers can be branded, and apps like Twitter offer promotional trends.

The possibilities that messenger apps and advertising can create are endless. Some apps create personalized gift guides for users based on their activity within the app. If you go about it correctly, your product can end up in someone’s Christmas stocking because of a messenger app!

When you utilize the power of messenger apps in your marketing plan, you will be going wherever your customers are.

More traditional spaces like Bing, Google, and Facebook’s News Feed are getting increasingly competitive. In comparison, messenger apps are unchartered territory filled with opportunity.

3) Online Public Relations Tools

While traditional black and white newspapers are things of the past, people still want access to relevant news.

There are various news services at different prices you can use to help get your brand’s name out there. There are even some free ones available, including Pitchengine and PRLog.

You can also look for opportunities to publish your news in local online publications.

Whenever you’re sharing updates about your product or company, make sure it’s newsworthy and exciting. Some examples of newsworthy topics you could cover include:

  • New client engagements (if you have the client’s permission)
  • Significant changes to your management team
  • Special milestones your company has reached
  • New products or services that you are launching

4) Augmented Reality Campaigns

Are you looking for something that will attract consumers’ attention? Consider incorporating augmented reality campaigns into your products.

When you incorporate an augmented reality campaign into your products, users can bring out their phones to truly interact with your brand.

For a potato chip brand that’s looking to grow its customer base around the Super Bowl, users can scan the bag with their phone and play a football game with other players.

For a makeup brand, users can turn their smartphones into a type of mirror and try on the company’s makeup in real-time.

The sky’s the limit with augmented reality campaigns, and they are definitely worth integrating into your marketing plan if you have the budget.

Please take a few steps outside your comfort zone when it comes to your marketing plan by trying these four technology-driven tactics!