Security guard

In this day and age, security has become more and more crucial to our everyday lives for both residential and commercial properties. While cybersecurity is a major threat to businesses both small and large, physical theft occurs more often than you might think. Using security camera systems can help deter theft and ensure your employees, equipment and merchandise stay safe. Here are some of the features you’ll get with a top-of-the-line HD IP business security camera system.

1. Remote Viewing

If you’re not always able to be on-site, remote viewing is a feature that comes in handy. It allows you to keep a close eye on your business from an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also program the app to send you push notifications or e-mail alerts with screenshot attachments any time there’s activity, so you can stay connected to your property with ease anytime, anywhere.

2. Reliable Security-Grade Hard Drive

A reliable security-grade hard drive allows you to monitor and record your business 24/7 so if there’s ever a problem, you’ll know about it right away. These camera systems come with security-certified hard drives that are manufactured specifically for fast-paced, high-traffic areas that require continuous monitoring. That means you can keep weeks (or even months) of security footage on these drives without adding additional memory. But if you do need to upgrade, you have the option.

3. Audio Recording

Recording audio is another great feature of these cameras, and with no additional cabling required. You have the option of simply listening in or choosing cameras with two-way talk capability if you want to be able to interact with the subjects on camera.

4. Color Night Vision

In just low-light conditions, these HD IP security camera systems allow you to see color in the dark, thanks to their revolutionary Color Night Vision technology. This feature gives you the ability to capture important details, like the color of clothing or a car, at night with enhanced clarity. Without ambient lighting, however, these cameras will revert back to black-and-white IR night vision to ensure crisp detail is recorded.

5. Advanced Motion Detection

These cameras allow you to be aware of any motion detected on your property. It has person and vehicle detection on four channels, which can help limit any false alarms and unnecessary alerts, such as animals or moving tree branches. The Smart Search features allow you to organize different types of movement, giving you the power to separate general motion footage from person- and vehicle-motion footage.

Additional Features

Other features available with the HD IP security camera systems include a panic button located on the recorder that activates all of the lights and sirens on your cameras. While some systems come with wireless or wire-free capabilities, digital IP systems use power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology to connect the camera and Network Video Recorder.

Considering an IP HD Security Camera System

With all of the above features, you’ll be equipped to deal with anything that happens on your property. You’ll get crystal-clear video quality throughout the day and night that allows you to monitor your property no matter where you are right from the palm of your hand.