Saturday, January 23, 2021
Plug and play solar system - 120V power outlet view.

A Look At My Plug And Play Solar Module

I built a plug and play solar system concept that integrates the necessary inverter, charge controller, battery, 12 Volt solar input, 120 Volt power outlets, and transfer switch to make the installation of solar systems as easy, quick, and cheap as possible.
20 Watt solar panel

Energy Storage: The Golden Key To A Sustainable Future

Energy storage is the golden key to a sustainable energy future? Why? It powers electric cars and can make solar and wind power into baseload power sources.

Sony Is Developing Batteries Which Last 40% Longer

Sony has been working on high-energy density lithium-sulfur battery technology which could last 40% longer than lithium-ion ones.
Tesla Power Wall Consumer/Home Battery

Alberta Gets Its First Large-Scale Battery Project

Alberta, Canada is getting its very first large-scale commercial energy storage system.
The red nanoFLOWCELL-powered QUANT F EV.

NREL Recommends Battery Reuse (B2U) To Offset EV Expense

The NREL has recommended battery second use (B2U) as a way to improve grid stability and offset the cost of electric cars.
lithium sulfur battery

Finally! Oxis Is Rolling Out Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Oxis Energy intends to start selling lithium-sulfur batteries achieving 400 Wh/kg next year.
White 2014 Ford Focus. Front view.

Samsung Almost Doubles Li-Ion Battery Capacity

Samsung has nearly doubled the capacity of lithium-ion battery technology using graphene. What else can graphene do?
Red Chevy Volt EV

Used EV Batteries Powering GM Data Center Building

Used EV batteries are being used to power GM's new data center building.