Saturday, January 16, 2021

10 Essential Elements For The Perfect Project Plan

Need the perfect project plan? Here are ten essential elements that could make that happen.
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3 Of The Most Popular Ways To Edit Photos And Images For Social Media

Social media has been visually driven for quite some time now – as you can probably tell from your Facebook feed. Some of the newer platforms (i.e. Instagram) are even solely...

Samaritans Radar Warns Of Impending Suicide

Samaritans Radar is a web app by the U.K. charity Samaritans which aims to help detect if friends are depressed by checking their tweets. Samaritans Radar uses an algorithm to check for...

Carmakers Prepare For Google & Apple’s Infotainment Systems

Toyota and Ford have teamed up to protect their dashboard infotainment systems from third party vendors like Apple and Google, but who will win?

The Winners Of The YC Hacks Hackathon, And More

From August 2nd to 3rd 2014, the YC Hacks event was held in Mountainview, California to gather developers under one roof and develop tomorrow's technology. The winners of the YC Hacks Hackathon...
FB Lite Android app

Facebook Lite Released For Poor Internet Connections

Facebook has released the scaled-down Facebook Lite app for developing regions lacking 3G, 4G technology, and for lower-end Android devices.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Design Your Website

There are a number of ways to get your business in the limelight and keep it there, and among the most effective is having a great website.
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6 Great Sites For Hiring Freelance Software Engineers

Looking to hire a developer, but not quite sure how to get started? Here are some great freelance job markets that will connect you to the right developer.