Friday, October 30, 2020
Network switch in a data center

Why Blockchain: As Quickly As Possible

As is the case with most technologies, blockchain has its use cases. The first step to identifying blockchain's use cases and why you should use blockchain, or why blockchain may not...
Nvidia Titan V GPU

Nvidia Releases The Titan V, Says It’s The ‘Most Powerful GPU Ever Created’

Nvidia has released the Titan V graphics processing unit (GPU) for a price of $2,999. The dramatic introduction touts it as the most powerful GPU ever created, with up to 110...
Laptop memory

9th Generation Intel Core Processors Will Support 128GB Of RAM

Gone are the days when CPUs were only able to address 16GB of RAM. Intel's new 9th generation CPUs (the ones coming out on October 19) are capable of addressing 128GB...
Coworkers collaborating in an office

Switching To Linux? Here Are 5 Great Linux Apps For The Office

Switching to Linux? Here are 5 great alternatives to Windows apps commonly used in offices that will run on Linux. Fortunately, some of the apps you need already run on it!

The Best VPN Services to Secure Your PC

Although many people use smartphones to browse the Internet, the majority of people still prefer to do it on their computer or laptop. If this is the case, you will be want...
data center

5 Benefits To Hiring Data Center Managed Services

When you outsource data management services, you will enjoy many benefits. This is especially so if you hire a reputable and reliable data management company. A little research on companies that...

Your Data May Be Stored Underwater One Day

Microsoft is going to try installing a datacenter (Project Natick) under water next year.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Today’s technology is all about innovation and improvement, and somewhere in the run for innovating new tech, we have totally forgotten about the safety of data.