Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Your Data May Be Stored Underwater One Day

Microsoft is going to try installing a datacenter (Project Natick) under water next year.

My First Impression Of Windows 10

Being an early adopter, I upgraded my Windows 8.1 laptop to Windows 10 the very day it was released (yesterday). Here was my first impression.

Whoops: Vintage $200,000 Apple 1 Turned In For Recycling

A vintage Apple 1 computer worth $200,000 was casually thrown out with the trash.

MS-DOS Is Finally Available For Smartphones

Microsoft has finally released a mobile version of MS-DOS.
Windows 10 on a phone and laptop.

Windows 10 To Launch This Summer With A Free Upgrade

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 10 this summer, and Windows 7, 8.1 users will be allowed a free upgrade to it within the first year.
2015 Macbook with Retina

Macbook Vs Macbook Pro: Which Is The Better Value?

Apple is about to release a new Macbook which costs the same as the Macbook Pro, but it offers less of almost everything.