Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Winners Of The YC Hacks Hackathon, And More

From August 2nd to 3rd 2014, the YC Hacks event was held in Mountainview, California to gather developers under one roof and develop tomorrow's technology. The winners of the YC Hacks Hackathon...
The seven inch 2013 Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet PC

2013 Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review (With Photo Gallery)

Here is my experience (of almost two years) with the two 7" Amazon Kindle Fire HD devices.

Corrective Display Technology Could Free You From Glasses

I know how it feels to struggle to see your television display, computer monitor, or to have to wipe your glasses off repeatedly. This is terribly annoying and one day, you...

Ever Wanted Night Vision For Your iPhone? Try FLIR

Thermal imaging technology enables you to see heat, cold and warm air leaks, insulation flaws, creatures, through some things, and even temperature differences. A recent FLIR One case for iPhones is...

My Ford Fusion Energi Test Drive

Originally published on Cleantechnica. By Nicholas Brown. Ford recently covered my trip to Detroit, Michigan, so that I could attend some of its events and NAIAS. In this first article from the...
45-mile WI-Fi transmitter

45 Mile Wi-Fi Range is Now Possible with Lower Power Consumption Than Ever

45-mile Wi-Fi range is now possible with a lower power consumption than ever.