Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Network switch in a data center

Intel Launches Xeon Server Processors With Up To 56 Cores

Intel has launched their latest Cascade Lake Xeon processors at the Data-Centric Innovation Day in San Francisco. These second-generation Xeon Scalable processors come in many varieties (53) and offer up to...
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Microsoft Will Release Their Compression Algorithm’s Source Code

Microsoft has open-sourced the Project Zipline data compression technology used in their Azure cloud services. Project Zipline is capable of compressing datasets with up to two times the compression ratio of...
Keylogger rendition (security threat)

Microsoft Advises Users To Stop Using Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer web browser has been discontinued for some time. However, some businesses are still using it. Microsoft commented on their blog stating that there is a cost ('technical debt')...
Macbook on a desk

Advantages of Using Project Management Software in Construction

Effective management of a construction project depends on how streamlined it is. It helps in tracking the developments and stay on budget. It helps to improve and boost communication throughout the...
Coworkers collaborating in an office

Ways Businesses Are Accelerating Growth With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a huge impetus in every walk of life and industry. Whether it is manufacturing, retail, production, transportation or the health care industry, companies are implementing AI-based...
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How To Evaluate The Performance Of Your IT Department

For many companies, the IT department is among one of the most important departments in the whole business. Often it is responsible for keeping processes, data, and organization all under control...
People viewing a financial graph on paper

How To Transform Your Business From Dated To Digital

From updating computers and software to adapting to new processes, technology is altering the way we work. Not only this, the technological advancements in mobile phones, are changing the way consumers...
Software engineers (two women and a man)

Top Reasons You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business

Most entrepreneurs who have been in the industry before the tech storm took over the world, took time to digest the tech evolution that impacted the business world. The threat to...