The Next Jeep Wranglers Will Be Made Of Aluminium

The Jeep Wrangler will now be built with an aluminium body. Jeep will continue its body-on-frame design. I have seen people comment on the concept of switching to a unibody design, but there was a great deal of opposition to that. Some opponents of the switch cited that unibody designs are not as durable as [...]

Ford Introduces Automatic Braking Technology

If only braking was as simple as pressing a pedal. The uncertain outcome of a pedal depression is nerve-racking and dangerous. This, combined with the issue of distraction makes braking an enormous issue. In response to that, Ford and other automobile manufacturers are introducing automatic braking in the future. Ford just announced technology which provides [...]

#X: It Can Wait. Why You Should Not Text While Driving

AT&T has launched a campaign to discourage people from texting while driving using the hashtag #ItCanWait. It encourages drivers to send #x to anyone they are currently texting before they start driving. The #x indicates they are about to drive so they’ll stop texting them until further notice. Demi Lovato did an advertisement with AT&T [...]

New Battery Tech Recharges In 2 Minutes And Lasts 20 Years

I’ve been monitoring and writing about battery technology advancements for years, and was let down so many times. This time, a li-ion battery technology that can be recharged to 70% in 2 minutes has been developed, and it can theoretically last 20 years! This technology is facilitated by the use of a titanium dioxide-based gel [...]

American Airlines To Offer Cadillac Chauffeur Service

If you fly frequently, i’m sure you would appreciate it if you didn’t have to look around outside to find a mode of transportation, so you can get to your gate on time. Starting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), American Airlines intends to offer a chauffeur service from gate to gate in partnership with [...]

Who Wants To Hear Some Tesla D Rumors?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors tweeted that it is ‘about time to unveil the D and something else’. This attracted more than 9,000 retweets and 2,500 favourites, it possibly sent shares up by 3%, and it now has people guessing what the ‘D’ means. Some think it stands for a Dual-Motor AWD version [...]

Unlock/Start Your Tesla Model S With Your iPhone

A Tesla Model S operating system (OS) update (Version 6) may enable you to unlock and start your Tesla Model S using your iPhone, according to an Electrek leak. Is This Convenient? Do You Need To Unlock Your Tesla Model S With A Phone? Is it really that difficult to take your conventional keys/remote out [...]

Guess The New iPhone Technology Apple Invented

According to AppleInsider, Apple has patented a technology which could help you to find back your car in parking lots. Conveniently, this iPhone technology enables you to locate your parking space without a GPS signal or internet connection. This is certainly refreshing, coming from someone whose tablet becomes almost useless the moment his internet connection [...]