Dyson Creates A Disinfecting Humidifier

Dyson, a company known for their fans and vacuum cleaners has created a humidifier which disinfects the water using ultraviolet (UV) lamp technology. They said that traditional humidifiers are ‘germ cannons’ because they don’t purify water before releasing it in the air. Is this a major issue? While I haven’t examined water on a molecular […]

Is The Pacific Hurricane Season Starting Already?

The Pacific Hurricane Season is supposed to start on May 15. However, a tropical disturbance has already been detected 240 miles southwest of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Could this signal a hurricane rebound? Last year, there were no major hurricanes. This could be the earliest formation in the eastern Pacific basin since 1949. This tropical disturbance may not […]

January’s Cold Snap Increased Energy Bills

For Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Kentucky households: The harsh polar vortex-caused storm that took place in January resulted in an energy bill increase of at least 11% compared to last year. The average household incurred a gas and electric bill of $288 in Ohio, and $276 in Kentucky. I suspected there would be at least a […]

Bjørn Nyland’s Thorough Model S Winter Test

The world is not yet accustomed to electric cars, therefore, they are still skittish about purchasing them. In response to this, some have been test driving the few electric cars on the market. Many of the tests are intended to show how long their range is in reality, but, they were not very realistic. Some […]

Storm Emily May Affect Christmas Travel In U.K.

Storm Emily is threatening north Ireland and northwest Scotland on the days leading up to Christmas. Donegal, northern Ulster, Hebrides, the western and northern mainland of the Highland region in Scotland are also at risk. Storm Emily is expected to approach with very strong winds to the first two regions mentioned, through tonight and early […]

Snow And Sleet Headed For U.K.

In large parts of Britain, a yellow warning for wind has been issued (this was on Thursday), as a cold front approaches. Cold winds could attain speeds of 70 MPH and disrupt travel, especially in Northern England, according to the Met Office. Temperatures below the average for this month are expected across the country throughout […]

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Tornado Rips Through NSW, Australia

In the northern region of New South Wales, Australia, a tornado wreaked havoc, and destroyed at least one house. A local resident saw it uproot trees and destroy his 70-year-old neighbour’s house. Fortunately, she was uninjured. The resident, Alexander Martin said that he suddenly heard a loud roaring, and that the tornado ‘ran out of […]

Winter Blast Blamed For Dozens Of Crashes In Ontario

In Southern Ontario, Old Man Winter decided to wake up early, and on the wrong side of the bed. On Saturday, it caused heavy precipitation in the form of snow, which was severe enough to make vehicles ‘disappear’ into snow within seconds of driving into the storm. From what I saw in the CTV video, there […]