Ford Fusion research vehicle (autonomous)

Ford Opens R&D Facility In Silicon Valley

Ford has opened an autonomous vehicle research and development facility in Palo Alto, which is in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay area (otherwise known as Silicon Valley). Silicon Valley is famous for its rich history of high-tech innovation. Autonomous vehicle technology is certainly in the high-tech category, as it requires computers, cameras, proximity […]

Mind Control May Come To A Wearable Device Near You

Thync is a Silicon Valley startup company based in Los Gatos, California which developed a highly unusual technology which they demonstrated for Brad Stone, a writer on Bloomberg BusinessWeek. This isn’t outright mind control. However, it is somewhat similar. A prototype device with two electrodes were placed on his head to target his cranial nerves. […]

Cellphone Kill Switch Mandate Signed Into Law

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has signed into law senate bill 962 which mandates all manufacturers to include a ‘kill switch’ in all the cellphones that they manufacture after January 1, 2015, and this feature must also be enabled by default. Retailers in violation of this law will attract a fine ranging from $500 to […]

The Winners Of The YC Hacks Hackathon, And More

From August 2nd to 3rd 2014, the YC Hacks event was held in Mountainview, California to gather developers under one roof and develop tomorrow’s technology. The winners of the YC Hacks Hackathon were (in order of place 1 = first place, etc): Athelas: This technology is a smartphone accessory that allows you to analyse your blood […]

Innovators Showcase Technology At The Greylock Hackfest

The 2014 Greylock Hackfest kicked off on July 19, 2014 at the Medium headquarters building in San Francisco, California, and brilliant minds showcased their new technologies to a panel of five judges. The judges were Pooja Sankar (founder and CEO of Piazza), Gerald Fong (he has two Greylock Hackfest wins under his belt), David Sze, […]

San Diego Airport Receives The First LEED Platinum Certification

Originally published on Green Building Elements By Nicholas Brown. NORESCO’s Sustainability Services group guided a Green Build terminal expansion at SDIA (San Diego International Airport), earning it a LEED (Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design) Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC®), which is the highest LEED certification there is. That means that relatively […]

President Obama Speaks About Climate Change At UC-Irvine Graduation

Originally published on Cleantechnica By Nicholas Brown. President Barack Obama recently attended a commencement ceremony for the University of California, Irvine at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. With the students, he mentioned the cold, hard reality that there are many politicians that deny climate change’s existence altogether. This compromises climate change mitigation efforts (which is most […]

The 6MW Community 1 Solar Power Plant Is Now Complete

Originally published on Cleantechnica By Nicholas Brown. On a patch of land owned by the SDSU lies the newly-built 6 MW (AC) Community 1 solar power plant, which comprises 25,000 solar panels that span 37 acres. This plant is large for a reason — it powers 2,200 households when operating at its maximum capacity. This solar power […]

Santa Clara Mandates Pre-Wiring For Home EV Chargers

Santa Clara County (in California) has mandated that new homes, and non-residential buildings be pre-wired to accommodate electric vehicle charging stations during their construction. This prevents owners from having to pay up to $2,000 to redo wiring in a building that has already been constructed. Pre-wiring for the chargers only costs up to $200. The […]