How to Choose a Good CDN Provider

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Server room/datacenter. Image credit: monsitj/

The internet era took the world by storm and opened new doors to earn money and start businesses. As the technology and E-commerce landscaped emerged and shaped itself, more people jumped the online bandwagon for better financial prospects.

From bloggers to photographers, to instructors to E-commerce store retailers, technology and internet has provided means to make money to everyone. With new tech based start-ups entering the market every day, the technology underwent constant evolution and improvements to be able to provide better efficiency, improved user experience and safer environment for trade of product, services, ideas and information.

Initially, running a website was pretty basic with mostly shared hosting servers. Although these hosting services did provide easy and cheap web hosting services to whoever wanted it, they had severe shortcomings pertaining to website efficiency, security protocols and overall user experience. As online businesses turned into large-scale entities, geographically dispersed servers such as CDNs took over.

Although traditional hosting systems still do exist and are still widely used, CDNs are the real game in this era. Many businesses and website owners with larger traffic have realized the need to make the switch, but the high cost factor becomes a huge problem. For this reason it is best to choose a CDN that can give the best possible ROI, considering that switching is an investment. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a good CDN for your website.

Focus on Analytics

Remember why you felt the need to ditch your regular web hosting service? Your user was getting annoyed with the website’s poor performance and slow loading times, the security protocols for data protection were not adequate or the user experience was way too average. You need to analyze your new CDN service for the level of overall performance it can provide. This can be easily done by evaluating performance reports.

Almost all CDN services do offer analytical reports that will give you an idea about their load times, data transfer rates, user experience, website efficiencies, bandwidth transfers and other key areas. Alternatively, there are numerous third-party analytics services that can give you reports regarding your web traffic. These analytics can give you a fair idea about how good or bad your CDN is performing.

Security Protocols

Your website is not just a hub that stores all your content and your information but it also has your user’s confidential information banked in it. Cyber attackers continue to trespass security protocols and firewalls to extract and leak discreet user data.

CDN services have been known to provide better data security compared to traditional hosting services. That being said, not every CDN service has an equally effective security protocol, and when you are investing in one, it better be the best one.


It is totally understandable that you would not want to invest something way out of your affordability just to up your hosting game. Contrary to popular myth, CDN services are available at a wide range of prices to choose from and you can easily run a quick CDN compare on SpaceCDN to get an idea about what different CDN service providers have to offer at different price levels.