Parenting in the Digital Age

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Image credit: Pexels.

The effects of technology on the family have been evident in recent years, especially with the dawn of digital technology. The big question is whether technology is positively impacting this institution or it’s tearing it apart. Besides all the weighing of the pros and cons, it’s quite evident that technology has changed how parents and children relate to each other and to the world, too.

Technology will help family members to quickly know how each is fairing on always, which is very necessary for any family. However, the same technology will close out parents from their children’s life – children constantly on their mobile phones, and parents always on their laptops working from home. The need for bringing up holistic children fit for this life is and will always be every parent’s goal, but how do these digital age parents achieve this?

A ‘good life’ for a child has, over the years, changed from spending wonderful family time with the parents to owning video games, computers, and other gadgets that supposedly make their life comfortable. The number of hours children spend on the big screens these days is warring.

The emergence of online streaming gadgets and applications makes entertainment the order of the day. According to Fire Stick Tricks, numerous apps and adjustments can be done to a TV to make it a “fully loaded” entertainment screen, all to make entertainment better, but it can also interfere with child upbringing if not controlled.

Family members won’t have to depend on each other for anything. We have ‘uncle Google’ to take care of everything. A child can play a video game all by himself with the computer, while a young lady won’t ask her mother which dress to wear to a party – YouTube will do that for her. All this proves one thing. It’s that parenting in this era is more complicated.

The good news is the same technology has defined a reliable way to help parents control the exposure their children are getting from the Internet. There are a few applications that have been developed to cater for this.

Kids Place. This app helps restrict kids from making phone calls, accessing new apps, and texting without the parent’s permission. Parents, therefore, get total control over the time their children use their phones and also the contents they can access.

Screen Time. This free app helps parents to manage the time their children spend on the Internet. Parents can also get a report of the child’s activities in the gadget. The good thing with this app is that it has reward features. A kid will get extra screen time for completion of chores and tasks.

Kidslox. The family’s screen time can be well-controlled with this parental control app. It allows blocking of selected apps on the device. One can add any number of devices to be monitored to this app using only one account.

Family Time: There’s nothing as sweet and peaceful as family time. This app gives parents control over the time their kids spend on any gadget, thus creating time for the family.

We all have to agree that we can’t stand in the way of technological advancement. We also can’t deprive our children a little entertainment, but we can surely control its effects on our families.