3 Tips To Determine Where To Install Solar Lights On Your Property

Photo by Knot from Pexels

Solar pole lights provide your yard with security, beauty, and add something new to your homestead. You can install them along your driveway, pathway, or garden. These slim and upright features come with an internal bulb, which is mounted on a post.

The lamp is well protected from elements by a frame. The more you elevate solar light posts, the greater the area they will illuminate. If you want to light up your garden or pool, consider using tall posts or railings. However, if you want to light up compacted areas such as your pathways, shorter poles are ideal. Here are three tips on determining where to install solar light poles on your property.

  • Landscape. Installing solar lights will depend on the area you want to beautify. A bright light positioned on a high level will add class to your property. Installing them on either side of your driveway will change the appearance of your landscape. You can also place a number of them to illuminate the entire yard.  If you want to make them brighter, you can place them close to one another.
  • Style. The style you choose will determine where to install your solar light poles. The poles can range anywhere from eight feet tall and are available in different designs. Shorter solar light poles are ideal for steps and outdoor shelves. If you have existing posts, you can use solar light poles to replace damaged or non-working posts. The replacement lights come with a rounded base and fastener for installing on your existing posts.
  • Trees. Most solar light poles come with a solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day. The poles then store the absorbed power in an in-built battery. As darkness begins, the light sensors activate the battery, which powers the bulbs and eventually produces light. This kind of lamp is eco-friendly and rely on renewable sources instead of the electrical grid. As such, you need to install these poles away from trees or vegetation that may block sunlight. 

There are several types of solar light poles to meet your needs. You can either choose the single, double, or triple stand posts. Most of the solar lamp posts are weatherproof and can last the entire night on a day’s charge. Several brands offer reliable products, and the material used to make them may vary from metal to plastic.

Make sure that you select a product that has a stable assembly, quality battery, quick connect-wiring, and uses screws to assemble. You can also consider buying products that have spikes that provide extra support to tall poles.

The installation process is simple, and you do not have to call an electrician. Using the instructions in the manual, you can anchor the post to the ground. Make sure you maintain your feature by wiping the dirt occasionally and ensure that the solar panel receives ample sunlight.

Now that you know where to install them, you are ready to purchase your first solar pole lights and save some energy!