If you’re a seller on Amazon, you already know that this marketplace offers limitless opportunities for sellers worldwide. Just the same, there are some intense challenges when it comes to the competition. It’s not extremely easy to compete and be successful in this platform, but there are some ways to increase your chances of success.

Here are our four best tips to increase your sales on Amazon.

  1. Grow with FBA 

Did you know you can save time and grow your business through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

By enrolling in this service, you’re allowing Amazon to pick, pack, and ship off your orders. With FBA, Amazon’s fulfillment centers will take care of everything from top to bottom, including customer service for products listed under this service.

In return, Amazon will help scale your business and reach more customers.

An Amazon FBA software system like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout can help tremendously with product and keyword research. Find out more.

  1. Be Competitive with Pricing 

The main thing that’s going to separate you from your competitors is the pricing of your products.

It’s no surprise that shoppers want the best deal. You need to plan the cost of every product and beat your competitors’ prices while making as much profit as you can.

One way sellers do this is by selling certain products with a high-profit margin to support those products without much profit.

Make sure you’re always accounting for your costs like shipping fees or Amazon fees. You can use a repricing software to make sure all of the prices of your listings are competitive and protect your profit margins.

  1. List Exclusive Items 

Consumers love to browse through a comprehensive range of unique items. Make sure that your inventory includes some exclusive products.

Exclusivity means that you won’t have to compete with any other sellers. It may even be the case that these items are unusual “niche” products.

Because of how big Amazon’s marketplace is, you’re likely to find some buyers. Also, because they are exclusive, you can offer them at a price that’ll provide a high-profit return.

  1. Drive More Positive Reviews 

Many customers view reviews before purchasing an item. If they’re on the fence about buying your product, you want to be sure your products have excellent reviews. The user reviews will build your brand’s credibility and trust.

To achieve this, you want to create a strategy to encourage customers to leave a positive, authentic review on your listings page.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get customers to leave a review:

  • Follow up with them through a friendly email after you’ve confirmed delivery. Ask them if they’d be willing to type up a quick review of your product. Be sure to let the customer know how critical this review is for your business.
  • Include a note in your package to thank your customer. Handwritten notes go a long way! In this note, ask them to review your product on the Amazon listings page. It’s a small, simple gesture, but many people respond positively to these handwritten messages.
  • Invite social media followers to review your items on Amazon. Every so often, people need a reminder. You don’t need to offer any special incentives, but let them know how a review will help! Being transparent with your customers can never go wrong!


Selling on Amazon is a challenge. However, this platform is also home to millions of buyers, which opens up a significant opportunity. By growing your company with FBA, being competitive with pricing, listing exclusive items, and driving more positive reviews, you’re sure to boost your sales on Amazon.