Nicholas Brown – Journalism Resume

I have written for publications including Kompulsa, Cleantechnica, Gas 2, and Green Building Elements. I have over four years of experience writing for Cleantechnica, and have covered many topics, including alternative energy, fossil fuels, automobiles, and more. Combined, those websites receive millions of monthly visitors. I also have over four years of experience working with WordPress, and ample experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I can work with any content management system (CMS) (if any).

On Kompulsa, I have reviewed products, covered camera technology, computer technology, automobiles, mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets, energy technology, and more many times. I love writing on a schedule, but am also interested in freelance opportunities at websites that cover technology.

Here are some samples of my work:

  1. Obama Administration Unveils Clean Power Plan.
  2. DSLR Camera Manufacturers Need To Step Up Their Game (Urgently).
  3. Top 4 Most Efficient New Crossovers/SUVs.
  4. Xiaomi Tops Apple’s Smartphone Usage Rate.

I love covering events on-site, and I love travelling. I attended the Detroit Auto Show (among others) and took pictures, some of which you can see in my sample photo gallery below.