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Giving Out Your E-mail Increases Your Chances Of Getting Hacked

Does it seem as if nearly every time you install an app, it wants you to register with your email or phone number? To add to that, these apps usually want loads of other sensitive information that they don’t need. This is because of desperate data collection attempts, as your personal information is like gold…


Cadillac Lyriq Electric Crossover Details Released

Cadillac has released the details for the production version of the Lyriq electric crossover. The luxury car manufacturer first revealed the car last year with a new and highly unconventional design. The car, which won’t be available until late 2022 has a staggering 33″ wide dashboard-mounted screen that displays the speedometer and other metrics that…


Apple Releases Colourful New iMacs Powered By M1 Processors

Apple has released the next generation of 24″ iMac computers with seven colour options including green, orange, pink, purple, blue, yellow, and silver.  The new iMacs, powered by M1 processors are the first Apple desktops apart from the Mac Mini to get the new Apple Silicon chips. The new all-in-one desktops integrate the CPU, GPU,…

Cryptocurrency Coins

Time Magazine Will Accept Cryptocurrency Payment For Subscriptions

Time Magazine will start accepting cryptocurrency as payment for its $49, 18-month digital subscription via Customers will be able to pay with the coin (CRO) or other cryptocurrencies. However, users will get 10% cash back if using CRO. The option to pay with cryptocurrency is only available in the United States and Canada…

NVidia video card in a PC

NVidia May Be Implementing Mining Limiters In More GPUs

Earlier this year, NVidia designed their latest RTX 3060 card to limit the efficiency with which it can mine Ethereum blocks by 50%. Miners quickly surpassed the restriction, and now NVidia is rumored to be implementing mining limiters in the entire GTX 30-series product line. The restriction was supposedly intended to save some video cards…

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Apple Says That Excluding Chargers From iPhone Packaging Will Save 861,000 Tons Of Metal

Apple has released its 2021 Environmental Progress Report, and they touted their use of recycled materials, carbon emissions reductions and the contentious issue of the chargers they excluded from iPhone packaging. Apple stopped shipping iPhones with AC adapters in the second half of 2020, citing environmental reasons. Critics say they did it to increase profits…