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Apple To Start Randomizing Device Serial Numbers

Apple devices will eventually have randomized serial numbers. Previously, their serial numbers contained details such as the location, date and time the devices were produced. Future Apple devices will contain a randomized 10-12 digit (first it will be 10) serial number that does not provide such details. The move will hopefully reduce fraud by making…

Offshore wind farm

Green Bitcoin Mining Company Iris Increases Its’ Fundraising Round To $40M

Australian data center provider Iris has doubled its fundraising round to $40 million AUD ($30.7 million USD) ahead of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company provides data center services for computing applications requiring high performance and efficiency, such as machine learning, genomics and research, rendering and visualization, mining, and more. They do so using…

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Ethereum Wallets Demystified: How They Work

Ethereum wallets are fairly simple to create and operate. However, they are radically different from banks and other custodial financial services. Banks rely on identification and debit cards to determine that you are the account owner. This is an identity-based authentication concept because it is largely hinged on identifying yourself to the bank — which…