Desktop computer

HP ProDesk 400 G5 Desktop PC Review (After 7 Months)

The HP ProDesk 400 G5 is a small form factor (SFF) desktop PC for home or office use, but is advertised as a business desktop (as well) for demanding work environments. There are several different configurations of the ProDesk 400 G5 SFF with 8th generation Intel i3, i5, and i7 CPUs. However this tutorial covers…

2019 Mitsubishi Pajero (SUV)

How To Test Your Car Battery SOC (Charge Level)

This article covers standard lead-acid car batteries only. It doesn’t cover any of the lithium-ion or other substitutes. It applies to both Sealed Lead-Acid (often referred to as ‘maintenance free’ or SLA) and flooded batteries and covers how to check your car battery’s state-of-charge (SOC/how much it is charged). It does not cover health checks…

U.S. Army NASCAR technicians.

NASCAR Racing To Incorporate Hybrid Powertrains In Cars

The stock car racing company NASCAR intends to start implementing hybrid technology to enhance performance. If they used these systems differently, they could also provide longer range, which can reduce the number of required refueling pit stops. Under some circumstances, the stored kinetic energy from the regenerative braking system will be utilized to provide an…

Nextcloud screenshot (self-hosted cloud drive software)

Cloud Drive Providers Won’t Respect Your Privacy? There’s An App For That

I haven’t been using cloud storage providers much (just for a few things that aren’t important like cat photos) for multiple reasons: They won’t respect my privacy. They aren’t secure enough (usually no end-to-end encryption, despite it being simple concept, they just don’t want to do it!). Considering the leaks and hacks associated with using…

A Raspberry Pi single board computer

Raspberry Pi Power Requirements: What Size Battery Does A Raspberry Pi Need?

The power requirements of a Raspberry Pi computer are dependent on the model and usage. However, you must size your power source to accommodate the Raspberry Pi’s highest possible power usage. Afterwards, you can worry about how long your Raspberry Pi battery will last per charge. The use of a 5 Volt lithium-ion battery pack…

3D rendering of a network over planet Earth

LinkedIn: Blockchain Is The Most In-Demand Hard Skill

I have had my eye on blockchain for a few years, and came across a number of articles claiming that blockchain is a farce and that it doesn’t provide any benefits (I wrote about some of its benefits if you’re curious). Fast forward to the past few months, i’m seeing more positive articles about blockchain —…

Automotive inverter

Bestek 150W Inverter Review (MRI1511AU)

The Bestek MRI1511AU 150W power inverter is a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter (it takes 12 Volts DC from a battery and outputs 120 Volts AC for devices that require that) for cars (cigarette lighter inverter). It also provides 5V USB outputs to charge phones, tablets, cameras, and similar devices. Accuracy Of Claims: Is This Inverter…