Nextcloud screenshot (self-hosted cloud drive software)

Cloud Drive Providers Won’t Respect Your Privacy? There’s An App For That

I haven’t been using cloud storage providers much (just for a few things that aren’t important like cat photos) for multiple reasons: They won’t respect my privacy. They aren’t secure enough (usually no end-to-end encryption, despite it being simple concept, they just don’t want to do it!). Considering the leaks and hacks associated with using…

A Raspberry Pi single board computer

Raspberry Pi Power Requirements: What Size Battery Does A Raspberry Pi Need?

The power requirements of a Raspberry Pi computer are dependent on the model and usage. However, you must size your power source to accommodate the Raspberry Pi’s highest possible power usage. Afterwards, you can worry about how long your Raspberry Pi battery will last per charge. The use of a 5 Volt lithium-ion battery pack…

3D rendering of a network over planet Earth

LinkedIn: Blockchain Is The Most In-Demand Hard Skill

I have had my eye on blockchain for a few years, and came across a number of articles claiming that blockchain is a farce and that it doesn’t provide any benefits (I wrote about some of its benefits if you’re curious). Fast forward to the past few months, i’m seeing more positive articles about blockchain —…

Automotive inverter

Bestek 150W Inverter Review (MRI1511AU)

The Bestek MRI1511AU 150W power inverter is a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter (it takes 12 Volts DC from a battery and outputs 120 Volts AC for devices that require that) for cars (cigarette lighter inverter). It also provides 5V USB outputs to charge phones, tablets, cameras, and similar devices. Accuracy Of Claims: Is This Inverter…

A 120mm LED-backlit PC case fan

Thermaltake Luna 12 Review: A Quiet 120mm Case Fan

The Thermaltake Luna 12 is a 120mm (4.7-inch) axial case fan for PCs. It is twice the size of many of the case fans you’ll see in a typical microATX PC. However, that results in a greater airflow-to-noise ratio (or greater airflow-to-audible noise ratio). At its maximum speed, the Luna 12’s noise level was barely…

A smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A20s)

Got A New Android Phone? Turn On These Crucial Security Settings

If you purchased a new phone with Android 9 (also called Android Pie), you should turn on the following security settings to protect your online privacy and to help reduce the risk of hacking or identity theft. Turn On Auto Factory Reset And Lock Network Settings If you use your phone as much as most…

GE wind turbine

World’s Largest Offshore (853-foot Haliade-X) Wind Turbine Powers Up

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine — the GE Haliade-X has commenced operation in the Port of Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Haliade-X is a wind turbine prototype from General Electric Renewable Energy, and it stands 260 meters (853 feet) tall. The 12 MW (12,000 kW) turbine has a rotor spanning 220 meters (722 feet) and…

Tesla Model 3 electric car

Tesla: Shanghai Gigafactory Producing Over 1,000 Model 3 Cars Weekly

The Tesla Model 3 has quickly become Tesla’s most important car, outselling all previous Tesla cars by a massive margin. The Tesla Model 3’s high sales figures made it the car that helped electric vehicles leap towards mainstream status. The lower price is a key reason. Tesla sold more than 139,730 Model 3 cars in…