Smartphone with a lock and key on it

Introduction To Cryptography

Cryptography is something that we all depend on at least indirectly (it protects your online banking activity and your credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive information), but it is a complex topic and having to navigate around it as a beginner is always unpleasant. Cryptography is one of the most crucial facets of cybersecurity.…

Oculus VR headset

Facebook Is Building An Operating System

Facebook has tasked developers with the challenge of building their own operating system (OS). The company has been expanding its offerings and building experience outside of its original niche — social networking. One of which is VR — a budding industry that is likely to take off massively in the future as it provides highly…

Illustration of a relational database

Chromia Incorporates Relational Databases Into Blockchain

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform designed with performance and scalability in mind. It checks all the boxes required for mass adoption, including letting dApps pay fees so that users don’t have to sign transactions every time they want to access them (due to dApp-level provisioning), low latency, high transaction throughput, and the ability to…

Various capacitors

What Are Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors have been mentioned from time to time due to their uses in some hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as other devices, but what are they? A supercapacitor is an electric double-layer capacitor. It differs from a conventional capacitor in that it offers a significantly higher energy density. As is the case with conventional…

Tesla electric pickup truck (Cybertruck)

Tesla Unveils The Cybertruck: An Eccentric Stainless Steel Truck With Punchy Acceleration

Today, Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk revealed the Cybertruck, Tesla’s first electric pickup truck. The truck has a highly eccentric design, and even more to set it apart from its competitors than the other Tesla vehicles do. What are the key things setting the Tesla Cybertruck apart from regular pickup trucks? Vehicle specifications are dependent…