Blackmagic 6K pocket cinema camera

Blackmagic Announces 6K Pocket Cinema Camera

The Australian camera manufacturer Blackmagic Design has revealed their new 6K pocket cinema camera. It obviously isn’t as tiny as their older 1080p pocket cinema camera, which was more pocket-friendly. However, I wasn’t counting on any form of cinema camera to fit in my pocket in the first place. The new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera…

The bottom of a 5 volt, 0.6 amp laptop cooling fan/blower.

Blowers Vs Axial Fans: Which Is Better For Your Project?

Blowers, otherwise known as centrifugal fans or squirrel cage fans are devices that draw air through enclosures. Common applications for blowers include: Laptops. All-in-one PCs (example: iMac). Rack servers. Forcing air through the heating element in a rework station. Certain video cards. The primary purpose of a blower is to generate a higher pressure than…