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Ring Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption For Surveillance Footage

Ring has gotten negative press coverage recently for accessing customers’ Ring camera footage. Now they’re implementing end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption has become known as a far more sound alternative to conventional encryption. This is because conventional back-doored encryption enables the service provider to access your data whether customers like it or not. End-to-end encryption provides…

Tesla electric car

Tesla Self-Driving Tech Will Identify Lights, Sirens Soon

The Tesla full self driving (FSD) technology under development will soon be able to detect turn signals, hazard lights, ambulance/police lights and hand gestures, according to Elon Musk. The cars will first show drivers the lights on the screen so they can make appropriate decisions, and in the future the cars will recognize the lights…

Offshore wind farm

Old Wind Turbine Blades Will Be Used To Store Energy

Wind turbines have grown as a leading source of renewable energy due to their many benefits, including their low electricity cost. Their opponents frequently use the fact that they need backup or energy storage against to discredit them. However, Energy Vault and Enel Green Power have partnered to develop a gravity energy storage system that…

OnePlus 9 phone

OnePlus Admits To Slowing Down Apps On $1,000+ Flagship Phones

OnePlus, a popular manufacturer of mid-range to premium Android phones has been throttling the performance of many popular apps — on their $1,000+ flagship phones. It is the Snapdragon 888-powered OnePlus 9 Pro, which is strange considering that these are high performance phones costing over $1,000. When someone pays that much for performance, they aren’t…

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Apple Blocks Apps From Circumventing Customers’ Anti-Tracking Settings

Apple has reportedly caught some app vendors trying to circumvent customers’ anti-tracking settings via a tracking system called CAID. Apple blocked updates that implemented CAID. CAID is an system that allows participating app vendors to track users’ activity across apps, even if they declined permission to be tracked on their iPhones. It was introduced by…