White Tesla Model S at the NAIAS. Front view.

Tesla Launching Autonomous Ride Sharing Network

Tesla is expected to launch an autonomous robot taxi network (ride sharing, but with autonomous cars) in 2020, and it will be accompanied by a dedicated fleet of Tesla’s own taxis where applicable. The Tesla Network will enable customers to add their cars to the ride hailing app. Ride hailing apps are already a reality,…

Planet Earth

Amazon To Launch 3,236 Internet-Providing Satellites

Amazon has decided to launch 3,236 satellites that can provide Internet access around the world, joining other companies such as Facebook, Google, and SpaceX whom had/have similar projects. This is called Project Kuiper, and was done with the help of Kuiper Systems LLC. SpaceX’s plans to launch their 12,000 satellites are still underway. However, Google…

Network switch in a data center

Intel Launches Xeon Server Processors With Up To 56 Cores

Intel has launched their latest Cascade Lake Xeon processors at the Data-Centric Innovation Day in San Francisco. These second-generation Xeon Scalable processors come in many varieties (53) and offer up to 56 cores. If you’ve explored the Xeon processor lineup in the past, you’ll know that there is a broad variety of them, including Xeon…

NVidia Jetson Nano single board computer (embedded computer)

NVidia Releases The $99 Jetson Nano A.I. Computer For Developers

NVidia has been manufacturing artificial intelligence-focused single board computers (SBCs) for years. They were powerful, however, they weren’t cheap. The Jetson TX1 and TX2 were both over $400 dollars and equipped for computer vision applications (for example: autonomous cars). One of the most popular single board computers out there right now is the Raspberry Pi,…

Server room/datacenter - Bigstock

Microsoft Will Release Their Compression Algorithm’s Source Code

Microsoft has open-sourced the Project Zipline data compression technology used in their Azure cloud services. Project Zipline is capable of compressing datasets with up to two times the compression ratio of the Zlib-L4 64KB model. At a time when the scale of data collection and storage has increased, the need for strong data compression is…

Two Lamborghini cars

Lamborghini LB48H Will Incorporate Supercapacitors

Lamborghini’s next flagship supercar — the LB48H is a limited-run successor of the Aventador and will incorporate supercapacitors (although i’m not sure how). Possible uses for supercapacitors in a car include, but are not limited to: Powering The Starter Motor Supercapacitors are especially well-suited to provide large bursts of power in short time periods (they…