How Winter Riding Gloves Can Save Your Hands From More Than Just the Pavement

Depending on where you’re from and the type of climate you ride in, you probably don’t wear the same motorcycle apparel year-round. Winter riding in particular requires special apparel – including gloves – to keep you warm, dry and safe. While standard motorcycle gloves are designed to enhance your safety by helping you maintain a…

Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) resonator technology diagram

TI Introduces Crystal-less MCU Using BAW

The crystal oscillator is a longstanding concept that employs a physical oscillator for clocking to facilitate accurate timing in electronics. These oscillators have been driving CPU clocks, as well as low frequency (and low power) non-CPU clocks in devices that need to be able to use their peripherals (for example: analog to digital converters) while…

Factory robot

Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Robotics Workforce

Whether you are employing your inaugural robotics workforce, or expanding your existing team, you should adopt a strategic concept to the process by establishing the: training experience, qualifications, and capabilities the ideal individuals should possess. Below are considerations to make before deciding who to hire. Working Experience You may not find adequately experienced employees more…

Keylogger rendition (security threat)

Microsoft Advises Users To Stop Using Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer web browser has been discontinued for some time. However, some businesses are still using it. Microsoft commented on their blog stating that there is a cost (‘technical debt’) associated with using outdated software. There are multiple issues associated with using outdated technology, but in many cases it can work just fine. In…

A Raspberry Pi in a case with a heatsink and fan

Comparing The Raspberry Pi 3A+ Vs The 3B+: The Most Important Differences

The Raspberry Pi single board computers (SBC) have been released over the years with incremented model numbers such as the Pi 1, Pi 2 B, 3, 3B+, etc. Now the Raspberry Pi foundation has been updating older models like the A series, as they offer benefits such as a smaller form factor (they can fit…