TI Launchpad TMS570

5 Things You Should Know About Working With Electronics

Electronics have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we do things in the 21st century. It’s amazing just to think about how many functions these devices perform. From storing and retrieving your money from an ATM, powering cars and airplanes, monitoring patients’ health status in hospitals to facilitating communication between people in different locations. Electronics are used…

Metal 3D printer

Metal 3D Printers Will Have Massive Implications

3D printing technology has already shown the world that a fairly small desktop appliance can pop out a number of elaborate items. However, it has been limited to certain materials. Metal 3D printing has historically been cost prohibitive, but now the cost of it has fallen to 1/20th of what it used to be thanks…

Audi E-Tron in Berlin

Audi E-Tron Will Use A Heat Pump To Manage Battery Temperature

The Audi E-Tron electric car will be equipped with a heat pump that keeps battery temperatures in their ideal range throughout the seasons, according to TU News. The news report states that the system will keep the car’s 95 kWh battery pack between 25 and 35 °C, which helps to prevent performance reductions caused by hard…