The Porsche Mission E electric sports car.

Porsche To Install 500 EV Charging Stations Ahead Of Mission E

Porsche, a German sports car manufacturer is preparing to install 500 electric car charging stations in the United States, according to a report from Auto News. This is a move to back their upcoming electric vehicles, which (wisely) takes a page out of Tesla’s book. This will be done ahead of releasing the Porsche Mission…

Open hard disk drive

Understanding Bottlenecks: How To Buy The Fastest External Hard Drive

There are numerous different types of external hard drives on the market, and choosing the fastest one is not as simple as just buying an SSD, buying a Thunderbolt drive, or a USB-C drive. There are significant performance bottlenecks that can make even a Thunderbolt drive perform below your expectations. For example: The Thunderbolt interface…

An Apple computer (iMac Pro)

Apple To Start Manufacturing Its Own Processors

Apple will start manufacturing its own processors, and start shipping them in its new computers as early as 2020, according to Bloomberg. This marks the end of the use of Intel processors in Apple computers. The project is code-named ‘Kalamata’, and is part of a strategy to converge Apple’s mobile and desktop computer platforms, which…

NVidia TITAN X video card

NVidia CEO: Cryptocurrency Will Be ‘An Important Driver’ For GPU Business

NVidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said that cryptocurrency will stick around for some time, and that he expects blockchain and cryptocurrency will be an important driver for GPUs. To clarify, he said that: ‘Cryptocurrency will be here. The ability for the world to have a very low-friction, low-cost way of exchanging value is going to be…