White Tesla Model S at the NAIAS. Front view.

The Tesla P85D’s ‘Insane’ Mode Scares The Pants Off People

The next iteration of the Tesla Model S — The P85D, has an ‘insane’ mode which is their equivalent of a ‘sport’ or ‘turbo’ button. A man named Brooks drove friends and family in a Tesla P85D after turning on insane mode, and they screamed. All of them were shocked. Reactions included flailing hands, a…

A black Samsung Galaxy S5 touch screen smartphone.

Rumour: Samsung To Supply Apple With iPhone Processors

There is a rumour that Samsung Electronics is going to be the main supplier of processors for Apple’s next iPhone, which will be manufactured in Samsung’s Austin, Texas plant. A Samsung spokeswoman said that Samsung does not comment on market speculation, and the rumour hasn’t been verified, but wouldn’t that be interesting? Samsung has been Apple’s…


Introducing The Mi Note: A Solid iPhone 6 Plus Competitor

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is no longer the thinnest or lightest smartphone/phablet in its class. The Chinese Xiaomi Mi Note is thinner, lighter, and its screen is slightly larger at 5.7 inches (0.2 inches larger). Smartphone manufacturers have been touting the sleek form factors of their new technology, but is it really that important? I…

Ford Fusion research vehicle (autonomous)

Ford Opens R&D Facility In Silicon Valley

Ford has opened an autonomous vehicle research and development facility in Palo Alto, which is in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay area (otherwise known as Silicon Valley). Silicon Valley is famous for its rich history of high-tech innovation. Autonomous vehicle technology is certainly in the high-tech category, as it requires computers, cameras, proximity…