The Solar Impulse 2 on the ground on a sunny day.

Solar Impulse 2 Will Fly Around The World On Sunlight Only

In February or March 2015, the Solar Impulse 2  will begin its flight around the world in Abu Dhabi, UAE in late February or March. It will return in late July or August 2015. The Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) is a battery-electric plane  powered by an array of solar panels mounted on its wings. The…


Xiaomi Tops Apple’s Smartphone Usage Rate

There is a smartphone company blowing up in China, and it is already tremendously successful. Xiaomi is what some would call ‘China’s Apple’. Xiaomi has not only been growing at a breakneck pace of approximately 100% per year (where revenue is concerned), but for every 100 minutes iPhone users spent using apps, Xiaomi users spent…


Google Translate Now Offers Real-Time Speech Translation

Google Translate is now offering real-time speech translation and easier sign translation. You can just point your phone’s camera at a sign and it will translate it for you. An even more important feature is its ability to translate another person’s speech and play the translated result out loud. You can actually have face to…


New Phone Battery Recharges In Under 2 Minutes

It’s happening again! Another one of many companies (StoreDot) has claimed to invent a charger and battery that can recharge in under 2 minutes. This time, it is a smartphone battery. I’m not saying that these technologies aren’t real, because they are, but there are obstacles impeding commercialization, and I think it is safe to say…

Samsung Gear VR.

Razer Creates Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) Ecosystem

Razer, a high-end gaming technology manufacturer has created what they call a fully open source virtual reality ecosystem (OSVR) which enables developers to improve on virtual reality software and hardware. This also enables developers to learn from game engines and virtual reality technology built by professionals, therefore this will go a long way towards expanding…