USB-C phone charger

USB-C 2.1 Will Support Up to 240 Watts To Power Large Monitors, Gaming Laptops

The upcoming USB-C 2.1 standard will support up to 240 Watts — a large increase from the 100 Watts that the current USB-C Power Delivery (PD) standard supports. USB-C PD has really changed the way that we connect and power devices by combining high current carrying capacity with USB data lines. This resulted in fewer…

iOS 14.6 update screen

iOS 14.6 Has Been Released, Implementing Support For Lossless Apple Music

Apple has released iOS 14.6, an update that enables iPhones to use the new lossless version of Apple Music among other benefits. Apple Card Family: iOS 14.6 enables Apple Card Family users to track and manage expenditure with optional limits and other controls via a convenient app. This is definitely welcome at a time when…

stepper motor

What’s The Difference Between A Stepper Motor And A Brushed DC Motor?

There have been several different types of electric motors in use for decades, and all of them drive mechanisms or something similar. What sets stepper motors apart from brushed DC motors? Brushed DC motors are designed to rotate their shafts continuously and are used in applications where they are not required to make precise movements…


Ford Debuts Electric F-150 Pickup Truck

Ford Motor Company has debuted the electric version of its new F-150 pickup truck. The truck, dubbed the F-150 Lightning is a redesigned battery electric vehicle (BEV) that takes advantage of its electric powertrain and storage in multiple ways. The new F-150 has a front trunk (often called a ‘frunk’), and it can power your…

Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7

iOS Should Have A Permissions Screen

Apple has been leading the pack on user privacy for smartphones and tablets for years, and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in iOS 14.5 is one of the most prominent examples of that so far. Despite offering a significantly higher security and privacy standard than Android, iOS users would still benefit from having a permissions screen.…

eufy security camera

eufy Camera Feeds Leaked To Strangers

Users of eufy smart home cameras (eufyCams) have been seeing the camera feeds of strangers, even in other countries. The controls of affected cameras are also accessible. eufyCams allow users to access their camera feeds anywhere in the world over the Internet. This feature (in any brand of camera) obviously poses a privacy and security…

Screenshot of an EOS block Launches New EOS Exchange Backed By Peter Thiel, the company that built the EOS.IO blockchain platform is launching a cryptocurrency exchange named Bullish. Bullish will run on the EOS.IO blockchain. The exchange project is backed by prominent investors including Peter Thiel, Mike Novogratz, Louis Bacon, and Alan Howard. The $10 billion Bullish EOS exchange will offer market making, lending, and yield-generating portfolio…