Cellphone Kill Switch Mandate Signed Into Law

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has signed into law senate bill 962 which mandates all manufacturers to include a ‘kill switch’ in all the cellphones that they manufacture after January 1, 2015, and this feature must also be enabled by default. Retailers in violation of this law will attract a fine ranging from $500 to…


China Bans Windows 8, Tries To Make Its Own OS

The Chinese government doesn’t have the most delightful relationship with the U.S., and Windows is developed by Microsoft, an American company. Could this be why they have banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers? They attempted to replace Windows with Kylin, a Unix-like OS based on freeBSD, and another OS called Asianux was…


Unlock/Start Your Tesla Model S With Your iPhone

A Tesla Model S operating system (OS) update (Version 6) may enable you to unlock and start your Tesla Model S using your iPhone, according to an Electrek leak. Is This Convenient? Do You Need To Unlock Your Tesla Model S With A Phone? Is it really that difficult to take your conventional keys/remote out…

Toshiba 17.3" laptop | front view | open

Toshiba L875D Laptop Computer Review

This is the long-term review of a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7135 (PSKFQU-03X003) notebook computer I purchased in November 2013. Convenience Whenever shopping for laptops, I carefully choose them based on their screen size, keyboard size, keyboard type, battery life, and of course, their performance specifications. Bear in mind that everyone has their preferences, as well as…


Guess The New iPhone Technology Apple Invented

According to AppleInsider, Apple has patented a technology which could help you to find back your car in parking lots. Conveniently, this iPhone technology enables you to locate your parking space without a GPS signal or internet connection. This is certainly refreshing, coming from someone whose tablet becomes almost useless the moment his internet connection…

Jolla tablet PC

Manchester United Bans ‘Large Electronic Devices’

Manchester United, a professional football club in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom has instated a ban on large electronic devices at matches, citing security concerns. They said that they are reacting to the latest security intelligence to safeguard attendants from terrorist attacks. As the Manchester United website says: ‘Ahead of the new season, we’d…