Brainstorm Project

The aim of this project is to invoke your creativity, and stimulate innovation. In this section, you will have free access to tables, statistics, and other information that may assist you during brainstorming.

Chemistry laboratory, University of Sydney - From Sydney Uni on Flickr.

This section will grow as new ideas, statistics, and innovations are added to it. Check periodically for updates.

Table Of Contents

Renewable Energy

  1. Backing up solar power plants.

Electric Vehicles

  1. Electric Vehicle Motors Can Heat Cabins and Batteries.

Energy Storage For Power Plants And Electric Vehicles

  1. Could less energy storage benefit electric vehicles? Here, we explore how.

Alternatives To Conventional Automobiles

  1. Designated lanes for compact/low-speed vehicles such as bicycles, and low-speed electric vehicles.
  2. Pod cars.

Uses for Intermittent Power Sources

  1. Wind Farms Can Work With Less Space Than Previously Thought.

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