Two iPhones

Netflix Adding Spatial Audio Support For iPhones And iPads

Netflix is rolling out spatial audio support for iPhones and iPads. The spatial audio feature has been rolled out to music streaming services such as Apple Music recently and its appeal is that it enhances the separation (or ‘space’) between sounds or instruments in the audio you are playing. This makes watching movies with headphones…

Portable monitor

Dell Announces New Portable 14″ Monitors That Can Pair With Your Computer

Dell has announced new portable monitors, including but not limited to a 14″ FHD IPS display with a 16:9 aspect ratio (meaning it is a typical wide, but good screen aspect ratio found in most laptop and desktop monitors). The monitor can pair with your laptop or desktop computer and is only 4.95mm thick. That…

Google Stadia devices

YouTube Premium Members Can Get Stadia Pro Free For 3 Months

Google has been promoting the YouTube Premium service as an alternative to the free version of YouTube, which is plagued by frequent advertisements and the inability to play songs in the background. Google Stadia Pro is another upcoming cloud service from Google that allows people to play resource-intensive video games from any device, even if…


How To Do Limit Orders On QuickSwap

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) have revolutionized trading by facilitating currency trades via non-custodial wallets, and eliminating the complex registration process that traditional centralized exchanges entail. However, getting your desired buying/selling price is not easy on decentralized exchanges. This makes it more difficult to turn a profit on your trades. Limit orders have made centralized exchanges more…


GM Truck Production Stunted By Semiconductor Shortage

General Motors has announced that they will cut the production of trucks due to the global semiconductor shortage. The production cuts will occur at North American plants. The Flint, Michigan plant will operate on one production shift on the week of July 26, and the Fort Wayne assembly plant in Indiana that manufactures the Chevy…