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Android Tutorials

This is a growing list of Android tutorials for beginners, as well as common Android and Java errors with solutions. These tutorials assume basic knowledge of the Android Studio or Eclipse IDE (with Android Development Tools). They also assume that you know where to put your code.


‘import’ statements are placed at the top of the .Java file of your app’s user interface.

Whenever manipulating a View object, the procedure in which you access it must have a View [ViewName] (without the brackets) declaration in the first set of rounded brackets ().

For example:

public void GetTextFromUser(View ViewName) {//your code goes here}

The View widgets include, but are not limited to the:

  1. EditText.
  2. ListView.
  3. ExpandableListView.
  4. TextView.
  5. Button.
  6. Switch.
  7. ImageView.
  8. ImageButton.
  9. ProgressBar.
  10. RadioButton.
  11. RadioGroup.
  1. The Simplest Way To Implement An EditText In Android.
  2. The Simplest Way To Implement An Android ListView.
  3. How To Send A GET Request.
  4. How To Send A Post Request.
  5. How To Copy Data To The Clipboard in Android.

Common Errors

  1. ‘Cannot Be Resolved To A Type’.
  2. ListView Obstacles: OnItemClickListener Not Responding.

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