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  1. Hi Nicholas, I was doing some research into Hydrogen technology to see if it could support our current and growing population.
    I think the GasPlas reactor is a good idea when it’s being used to stop Methane from being burnt into C02 in oil well site flares by turning the Methane into Hydrogen and useful forms of Carbon, as well as the reactor also being able to convert H2S gas into Hydrogen from oil refineries, but I do not like the idea of Hydraulic Fracking, which I presume is still very much poisonous to the earth.

    Is it possible to use the GasPlas reactor in conjunction with Hydrogen powered cars to support our current and growing population without the use of Fracking?

    Another important thing is that all of the dry oil well sites in the world (that do not contain oil or Hydrocarbon gas) all contain Methane. Could we use the GasPlas reactor to convert that Methane into Hydrogen? Would that be enough Hydrogen to support Hydrogen powered cars with our current and growing population?

    With Hydrogen it can be sold as a commodity like oil which could in theory give us an alternative industry to oil and advancements with the Nano-tech, non-explosive fuel cell that can hold high volumes of Hydrogen means that we could have a Hydrogen based economy, since in 2010 people were saying that we couldn’t because there was no proper way to store Hydrogen.

    Another possible problem with climate change is that a lot of what heats up the atmosphere is water vapour. Would water vapour, the exhaust product from Hydrogen powered cars effect the climate?

    I have also heard that if C02 gets into water vapour that it can have a much worse effect with the green house effect.
    Could that somehow have an effect with Hydrogen powered cars, i.e. C02 being produced from other industries mixing with the cars water vapour?

    So does it actually matter if Hydrogen powered cars have water vapour as an exhaust product?

    Is it true that oil is the only commodity that can keep our current and growing population going?

    Are we really that dependant on oil to keep everyone employed or is that just a myth?

    Is it true that one barrel of oil is enough to employ twelve people for a year?

    I know that different forms of energy can draw new lines on the energy peak chart.
    Could a combination of different types of energies keep us all going?
    Such as solar panels on people’s roof tops, since people have been doing that, it hasn’t put anyone out of work where the oil and gas industries are concerned.
    I think that might have gone against what some people might have originally thought.
    But then again the solar panels do not produce one hundred percent of the energy for the household.

    Do you think there could be more information that I need to look at rather than just focusing on Hydrogen technology?

    If the GasPlas reactor doesn’t rely on Fracking to support population and Hydrogen powered cars do not add to global warming it could be a nice little industry to keep things going I thought.

    Do you think there is a place for Hydrogen technology even if it can’t be used for Hydrogen powered cars?

    With oil and gas becoming more scarce and expensive, If Hydrogen technology does not quite work out, is there any other type of possible future energy that could create jobs and industry?

    Yours faithfully

    Andrew Saunders.

    • Hi Andrew!

      I am not familiar with GasPlas reactors, and water vapour is a significant contributor to climate change. Fortunately, it condenses back into liquid water and falls back down as rain, eliminating the greenhouse effect.