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PostgreSQL Tutorial: How To Create A User In PostgreSQL

You can create a new user in PostgreSQL using the ‘CREATE ROLE’ command. This is necessary for security purposes so that you can assign each user their own account which provides limited access to the database. This avoids giving everyone the superuser or admin login. This enables you to prevent unauthorized database access and limit the scope of breaches.

Create A New User In PostgreSQL With A Password

You can create a new user in PostgreSQL with a password using the following command. Ensure that you change the password to a unique one.

CREATE ROLE username WITH PASSWORD 'yourpassword';

Grant A User Access To A Table In PostgreSQL

You can grant your new user access to a specific table using the ‘GRANT’ command as follows. Note that the ‘ALL’ option is only appropriate if that user is supposed to have full, unrestricted access to that table.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON tablename TO username;

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