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Welcome to the technology section of Kompulsa, a science and technology website. This is an ever-growing section of reference articles explaining how various kinds of technology works, whether it is automotive technology, industrial power technology, consumer technology, and more.

  1. Android Tutorials.
  2. How Air Conditioners Work.
  3. What I Wish I Knew About Electromagnetism When Starting Out.
  4. Hackathon (Technology Event).
  5. Worldwide List Of Hackathons.
  6. How To Extend Smartphone Battery Life Substantially.
  7. How Inverters Work.
  8. How Incandescent Light Bulbs Work.
  9. Laptop Shopping Guide.

JavaScript And Node.js Tutorials


A collection of tutorials explaining power transmission infrastructure, how power plants work, how to save energy, set up your own solar panels, and much more.


  1. How To Diagnose Your Automotive Air Conditioner.

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