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Mobile Apps: Energy Usage Calculator

This fuel and energy calculator app can calculate the energy usage of many appliances or other devices, big or small. Supported devices range from a light bulb to large industrial equipment in the megawatt range. The calculator can also:

  1. Calculate fuel requirements for a trip you’re planning.
  2. Your MPG. It can calculate how much your MPG was on a trip if you entered the amount of fuel used and the distance traveled. It can also be used to calculate how much MPG you are averaging per tank (just enter your tank capacity and how many miles you were able to drive on a full tank). This may come in handy if you don’t know your MPG and want to calculate it for #1 above.
  3. It also has an option for European and other metric system users to enter their ratings in litres and kilometers.


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Download APK (Version 3).


This Android app contains no advertisements or trackers, and does not collect any data from you.

Disclaimer about HVAC/R appliances, computers, among other devices with variable power consumption: The wattage on the labels of these devices is not always consistent with current power consumption. It is generally the maximum wattage printed on the label. Use this app at your own risk.

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