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Kompulsa is a blog/website which brings you utilities (such as the appliance finder), news, in addition to opinion pieces, how-to guides, diagnosis tips, reference articles explaining how various technologies work, and much more.

If you wish to contribute articles to Kompulsa.com, or have questions/suggestions, please contact Nicholas Brown at: nicholas@kompulsa.com to discuss.

If you wish to repost Kompulsa articles, please note the following terms and conditions:

Feel free to repost our news articles (only posts) — provided that you link back to Kompulsa.com.

You may not repost static pages.
Exemption: All pages, including static pages may be printed for classroom use.


Kompulsa and its author(s) will accept no liability for any issues which you think arose from the use of our advice. However, we do our best to ensure that it is safe. Posts on Kompulsa reflect only the views of the articles’ respective authors, not the views of Kompulsa.


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