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This is a directory of hackathons (especially recurring hackathons) around the world sorted by country. In each country’s category, the list of hackathons is also categorized based on restrictions on age, location, travel reimbursement options, and more. For further details about travel reimbursement, admissions requirements, conditions, and everything else, please visit the hackathon’s website or contact the organizers for more details. This list only contains certain key details to help shorten your search for a hackathon.

In general, you should assume that you have to apply for hackathons, and for travel reimbursement if you need it. Last but not least: Always do a background check of events before you apply to or attend them (just to be safe). Locations are subject to change periodically, as venues can sometimes be a little difficult to reserve.

If you don’t see an admissions price stated, it is still likely to be free. Hackathons that charge for admission are uncommon.

attendants at YC Hacks 2014 with their tablet PCs and laptops
A group of people with their notebook computers and tablets at YC Hacks on August 3, 2014.
Image obtained with thanks from Nico on Tumblr.

Please feel free to contact me about any additions to this hackathon list via the Submit A Hackathon page.

Hackathons That Take Place On Vehicles

Hackathons Confirmed To Accept High School Students.

Hackathons In South Korea


Global Hackathon: Seoul.

Global Hackathon: Seoul is a gathering of 2,000 hackers in a 80,000 square-foot facility in Seoul, a fast-growing destination for entrepreneurs.

  • Duration: 4 days.
  • Travel reimbursement: Full coverage of travel expenses for attendees, including lodging.
  • Free food will be provided to attendees.
  • This is an international hackathon. You may apply from anywhere in the world.
  • Both hardware and software hackers are welcome.
  • As is the case with most hackathons, you should start work on your projects during the hackathon, not before. This is the fairest way to go.

Hackathons In Transit/Hackthons That Take Place On Vehicles

AmhacksUnited States

Amhacks is a transcontinental hackathon that takes place aboard an Amtrack train. It will be aboard the California Zephyr train for now. This train will take you on a scenic journey from New York City To San Francisco. In other words: This is a road trip across the entire country.

  • Duration: 4 days. Thursday to Sunday.
  • This is a one-way trip, therefore you have to find your way back home.
  • The final details are being ironed out.

Hackathons Confirmed To Accept High School Students

This is a list of hackathons above that have been confirmed to accept high school students. The other hackathons listed above may or may not accept high school students, so you’ll have to contact them to confirm.

  • Hack The North (Canada).
  • MHacks (U.S.).
  • TeenHacks (U.S.).
  • PennApps (U.S.).
  • HackRPI (U.S.).

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