Project Ara: An upgradeable, repairable phone.

Phonebloks Demonstrates Project Ara, A Modular Phone

Project Ara has demonstrated a working prototype of their modular Android smartphone. It enables you to swap out quite a few parts, including the application processor, battery, LED module, loudspeaker, and USB charge card. Modular technology like this is great for upgrades, repairs, and is more environmentally sound than traditional irreparable smartphones. Today, you’re lucky [...]

Google Glass

Wearable Technology/Google Glass Banned From Cinemas

I always wondered how the motion picture industry would react if wearable technology with cameras such as Google Glass became mainstream. Before that even happened, the MPAA and the National Association Of Theatre Owners announced that wearable devices including Google Glass must be switched off or put away during show time. Currently, recording devices except [...]

Samaritans Radar Warns Of Impending Suicide

Samaritans Radar is a web app by the U.K. charity Samaritans which aims to help detect if friends are depressed by checking their tweets. Samaritans Radar uses an algorithm to check for keywords related to severe depression and suicidal thoughts such as ‘want to die’, ‘kill myself’, and ‘end it all’. If the app thinks [...]

The Next Jeep Wranglers Will Be Made Of Aluminium

The Jeep Wrangler will now be built with an aluminium body. Jeep will continue its body-on-frame design. I have seen people comment on the concept of switching to a unibody design, but there was a great deal of opposition to that. Some opponents of the switch cited that unibody designs are not as durable as [...]

Merchants Block Apple Pay In Favour Of CurrentC

Just when NFC-facilitated services such as Apple Pay started replacing credit cards, big retailers including Walmart decided they want QR scanning technology such as CurrentC. CurrentC, a project spearheaded by Walmart, operates by scanning QR codes using smartphones. CurrentC can also automatically handle loyalty points, discounts, and work with a variety of other payment methods, [...]

Ford Introduces Automatic Braking Technology

If only braking was as simple as pressing a pedal. The uncertain outcome of a pedal depression is nerve-racking and dangerous. This, combined with the issue of distraction makes braking an enormous issue. In response to that, Ford and other automobile manufacturers are introducing automatic braking in the future. Ford just announced technology which provides [...]

Dyson Creates A Disinfecting Humidifier

Dyson, a company known for their fans and vacuum cleaners has created a humidifier which disinfects the water using ultraviolet (UV) lamp technology. They said that traditional humidifiers are ‘germ cannons’ because they don’t purify water before releasing it in the air. Is this a major issue? While I haven’t examined water on a molecular [...]

#X: It Can Wait. Why You Should Not Text While Driving

AT&T has launched a campaign to discourage people from texting while driving using the hashtag #ItCanWait. It encourages drivers to send #x to anyone they are currently texting before they start driving. The #x indicates they are about to drive so they’ll stop texting them until further notice. Demi Lovato did an advertisement with AT&T [...]

Solarcentury WIll Build A 48 MW Holisitc Solar Farm

Cleantechnica. Over the years, there have been several attempts to build extra-environmentally friendly solar farms, incorporating traditional farming with its 21st century cousins — sheep and free-range poultry ranging in between and underneath solar panels, grazing and generally keeping things tidy. In the same tradition as these farms, Primrose Solar has selected Solarcentury to help [...]