Friday, April 20, 2018

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Today’s technology is all about innovation and improvement, and somewhere in the run for innovating new tech, we have totally forgotten about the safety of data.

6 Gmail Plugins To Enhance Your Productivity

I have been using Google plugins for so many different projects and have always loved how well and easily they work. Some of the projects I've used Google plugins for include: •...
An assortment of household appliances

How to Drastically Reduce Your Energy Consumption Costs Using Home Automation

One of the most challenging phenomena of our century is the imminent danger associated with environmental degradation and global warming. Ironically, the use of energy-consuming tools like actuators can be instrumental...

Getting Started With Movavi Slideshow Editor

A concise how-to guide for the Movavi slideshow editor.

How To Install The Kik Messenger App On Your PC

How to install the popular Kik messenger on your PC (and phone).

10 Essential Elements For The Perfect Project Plan

Need the perfect project plan? Here are ten essential elements that could make that happen.
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3 Of The Most Popular Ways To Edit Photos And Images For Social Media

Social media has been visually driven for quite some time now – as you can probably tell from your Facebook feed. Some of the newer platforms (i.e. Instagram) are even solely...

Migrating From A BaaS Like Parse Or Deployd? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you've been forced to migrate from a Back-end As A Service provider (BaaS) like Parse, or pre-built back-end framework such as Deployd, you're not alone. One alternative is to create your...