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How To Use Dragon Syrup On QuickSwap

If you have QUICK tokens, you can deposit them in Dragon Syrup pools to earn incentivized rewards. You also don’t have to obtain dQUICK to do it anymore. You can simply deposit QUICK.

If you don’t have QUICK, you can buy it on the Swap page by trading another token (such as MATIC or USDC) for it. 

To take advantage of Dragon Syrup rewards, first go to the Dragon Syrup page under the Farms tab on QuickSwap, then click ‘Deposit QUICK’:

Click Dragon Syrup under farms tab

The next step is to choose which token’s pool you want to invest in and click the ‘Deposit’ button beside it.

You’ll now be asked to specify how many QUICK tokens you’d like to deposit. Click ‘Approve’ when you’re done and complete the next transaction when prompted. If the Approve button is already green as shown below, then you have already approved your QUICK tokens to be deposited on QuickSwap. Now you can simply click ‘Deposit’ and follow MetaMask’s on-screen instructions:

MetaMask will bring up a prompt to confirm your QUICK deposit. Read through the details shown to confirm that you’re comfortable with the gas fees and everything else, then click ‘Confirm’:

Now you can view your Dragon Syrup rewards and claim them by clicking ‘Claim’ (or withdraw both your rewards and QUICK using the ‘Withdraw’ button):

If you don’t see your syrup rewards, wait a moment for the deposit transaction to be confirmed (or refresh the page).

Finding Back Your Pool

To find back the syrup pool you invested in, go to the Dragon Syrup page and type the name of it in the search field:

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